Water Treatment

Water treatment

Aqua-etiam provides safe and tasty drinking water in a responsible manner in places where safe drinking water is a scarce commodity.

Product Point of Entry 100
Product Point Of Entry Plus 1500

In many parts of the world clean and reliable drinking water is not to be taken for granted.

Apart from being a health hazard, it also has a negative effect on the economic development. The “standard” solution is in many cases the use of “packaged” water, commonly packaged in plastic bottles produced and distributed by multinational companies. Not only from an economic point of view this is an undesirable situation, but also from an environmental point of view the energy used in transporting the water and producing the packaging is a complete waste. The waste resulting from al the empty bottles is an extra environmental problem ending op on landfill sites and eventually ending up in the environment as micro plastics.

The most amazing aspect is the fact that in many cases al this effort and cost are used to sell the end-users something that is literarily right under their feet, which can be transformed into safe and reliable drinking water with little effort. The advanced Aqua-etiam filtration and purification systems use a patented technology that takes a middle position between nano filtration and reverse osmosis. Thanks to this technology safe and tasty drinking water can be prepared form a multitude of sweet water sources such as wells, bore holes, rivers, a public grid of doubtful quality or even waste water.

Depending on the required volume, comfort level and autonomy three different filter systems are available. From the very compact PoU50 for under sink mounting, the NRO 100 for demanding domestic use and the NRO 1500 for apartment buildings, resorts and small scale industrial use. The two latter systems can be extended with an infra structure that is completely tailored to the application, and can be extended where desired in a modular manner. Not only regarding the feed water supply the Aqua-etiam systems are multi talents, also regarding the power supply the are very adaptable, public grid, generator set or photo voltaic panels or a combination of all the above, Aqua-etiam systems are prepared. The systems are also very communicative, by means of LED, touch screens or wireless messaging the keep in touch with owners and service providers about the machine status and require maintenance.

Sales, installation and maintenance is taken care of by a worldwide dealer network that consists of companies with a proven track record in the field of water and plumbing, and that are able to transfer the tested system to the end-user and maintain them.


Product range

The product line consists of three standard models. All models are based on the same technology but designed to cater for different quantity demands. 

While the Point of Use (PoU) model purifies on demand, the Point of Entry (PoE) models use an autonomous process to provide a specific purified water volume for later use. This requires different factory settings of automated actions such as membrane flushes or membrane status monitoring. The choice of system depends on the required volume and desired level of comfort.

Depending on the raw water quality, the system can be fitted with three different membranes, ranging from Ultra filtration, to Nano filtration and Reverse osmosis. Both the settings and the membranes can be fully configured/adjusted towards the customer’s needs and requirements. 

To ensure the enduring quality of the purified water, all our systems  are fitted with the latest monitoring technology. Unlike existing purifiers on the market, Aquablu brings safety and transparency to the water industry. Using near field communication (NFC), the system is able to communicate 96 different parameters to the outside world by means of an NFC enabled smartphone*). 
The data can be uploaded to the Aquablu website enabling the local dealer and the Aquablu headquarters in The Netherlands to monitor the status of the systems optimizing device performance and aftermarket service. 

*) Last generation Iphone’s (7 +) and all android phones have NFC connectivity 

Aquablu focusses on four main market segments:

Home Solutions laughing people


  • Alternative to bottled water
  • Enabling an off-grid water solution
  • Extend lifespan of water consuming appliances

Target: middle to higher income homeowners. 


Hotel and Restaurant Solutions dish point


  • Improving guest experience
  • Tasteful and high quality cooking
  • Opportunity to bottle private label water (Marketing)

Target: All-inclusive hotels/Restaurants/Coffee shops 


Healthcare Solutions washing hands


  • Ultra-pure water for washing medical equipment
  • Safe drinking water for patients

Target: Large hospitals/Clinics/Dentists


Vending Solutions tapping point


  • Providing clean water to people in need
  • Empowering entrepreneurship (water kiosks)

Target: Sport facilities/developing countries


For a more information about Aqua-etiam, please visit the Aqua-etiam internet site at aquablu.org