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Transport and lift technology

The roots of ELSTO Drives & Lifting go back all the way to the start of the twentieth century as a manufacturer of industrial driving belts. ELSTO Drives & Lifting itself was formed in 1998 specializing in machines and equipment to move goods. Vertically, horizontally or a combination of both, ELSTO Drives & Lifting knows how, and can solve your internal transport issues.

Vacuum lift

These issues can be very diverse, be it a luggage system on an airport, hoists, balancers, lift tables, domestic or vehicle lifts ELSTO Drives & Lifting has or creates a solution. Next to a wide “standard” programme of lift carts, lifting platforms, balancers, jacks and hydraulic cylinders by respected brands as Pronomic, Bären, Vaculex, Jung and Larzep,  EBD has extensive engineering and production facilities that enable her to provide effective solutions for even the most unusual applications.

At ELSTO Drives & Lifting, just like the other companies in the Stokvis Group, moving things is in our genes, and offering effective solutions is our core business. Questions regarding transport are very diverse, such as how to move a 375 ton transformer, but also how to pick up 3000 slippery Samsonite suitcases an hour from a conveyor belt. Every transport problem has its own solution, and ELSTO Drives & Lifting knows exactly which solution suits you best.

To offer a suitable solution, ELSTO Drives & Lifting has five product groups to choose from.

  • Lifting aids
  • Industrial moving equipment
  • Lifting tables/platforms
  • Elevators
  • Jacks and cylinders

For many classical transport tasks excellent equipment is readily available in the market, equipment for which EBD quite often is the factory representative in the Netherlands. 

Below a short overview of the products:

Lifting aids

In an industrial setting a lifting aid is a device to temporarily keep or bring an object at a desired not predetermined height. In health care the description is almost the same, but instead of an object a person is to be moved. Often ergonomic reasons or labour regulations play a role, but also possible productivity and quality increases compared to the situation without a lifting aid can be a reason to use a lifting aid. A lifting aid usually consists of two main components, the part that holds the object, and the part that takes care of the actual movement. By cleverly combining standard components, in many cases a perfect solution can be found, ELSTO Drives & Lifting knows how and why.


Lift carts

Lift carts are the ultra-lights amongst the fork lifts. They are fitted with an electric lift system, and are moved around the workplace by hand. Lifting capacities of 70 to 225 kg and lifting heights up to 2.20 metres in combination with application optimized accessories make lift carts indispensable partners for many internal transport duties. With cart weights between 30 and 70 kg and four (lockable) swivel wheels, the PRONOMIC lift carts are very manoeuvrable and through the well thought out ergonomics perfectly manageable. By virtue of their low weight, limited volume and high manoeuvrability they are very suitable to be used in restricted spaces, such as server rooms, clean rooms, office environments, but also in workshops. Where needed special versions are developed.

For instance an ESD compatible version was developed for use server and clean rooms, but also a completely demountable version that fits in the back of the car for moving coffee machines, or a version with special forks with rollers to fit move and mount 4x 4 and truck tyres. Depending on use and customer requirements the lift carts are assembled. Choice of materials, lifting and lowering speeds, safety devices, type of wheels, different types of battery with different performance levels or a special type of controls, the ELSTO Drives & Lifting PRONOMIC lift carts are off the peg, but fit as made to measure. Lift carts are the ideal manner to take good care of your workers and your valuable equipment.



Balancers chance the art of lifting heavy tools or components from an act of brute force into weightless, comfortable and precise control. Accuracy and speed increase, while tiredness as a disturbing factor is prevented as much as possible. The balancers are available in pneumatic and electric versions, with balancing capacities up to 320 kg, lifting heights up to 3 metres and lifting speeds up to 36 m/min. A wide variety of accessories is available to exactly adapt the balancers to perform the task at hand. Electronic control of the vacuum balancers ensures that a real time response to the commands is achieved, to completely equal the precision and speed of fully electronic balancers. Simple controls, automatic load compensation and a plug and play installation are strong points, next to the many mounting and installation options. The ELSTO Drives & Lifting engineering and installation service ensures a turnkey delivery, including operational load testing and end-user training.


Vacuum lifters

Anyone who did some vacuum cleaning around the house knows the joy of lifting a sheet of paper or a cardboard coaster with vacuum cleaner suction tube. In industrial applications the same principle is used to lift and move awkward objects. With vacuum lifters not only the load is picked up with vacuum, but the lifting movement is also realised with vacuum. Powerful electric vacuum pumps ensure, in combination with an integrated valve system, a safe and efficient lifting action, that in case of a sudden vacuum loss can be interrupted in a controlled manner. Lifting capacities up to 200 kg and lifting heights up to 2.8 metres and the modular construction in combination with the extended programme of swivel and knuckle arms or overhead rail systems will ensure a perfect solution for your particular application. Thanks to our extensive experience, solid advice and our own engineering and fitting service ELSTO Drives & Lifting provides ready to run handovers after load testing and end-user training.



Bären scissor lift tables

Scissor lift tables are of the unsung heroes of many industrial and logistic activities, but also in production processes they enable 24/7 succeeding process stages. Creating a pleasant working height for engine or window frame or continuously supplying a production line in either case a Bären scissor lift table will do the job both safely and economically. With lifting capacities up to 10 tonne and lifting heights of up to 7 metres and a multitude of platform dimensions and shapes a perfect solution is available in the Bären programme, even if Stainless steel or ATEX are on the wish list. In the unlikely event a solution is not available in the standard programme, the ELSTO Drives & Lifting engineering and production facilities will provide a 100% made to measure solution. A scissor lift table is in essence a simple device, but knowing what it is all about is essential. All Bären scissor tables are fitted standard with dampened cylinders, protection against entrapment, hydraulic leakage, stable mild steel construction and completely tested and certified according the applicable European regulations for industrial use.



Lifts come in many shapes, sizes and construction forms but they are all concerned with the vertical movement of goods and people. A good lift will do this reliably, safely and efficient. EBD knows what makes a good lift, and has a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of lift technology and the applicable legislation and regulations. Lifts, in particular when people are being transported, need to be 100% reliable, simple to operate and to be supported by a clear and well-documented maintenance and test regime. In short, do not accept a lift from just anyone. As with many other devices, lifts have developed in different ways depending on their use. For this very reason ELSTO Drives & Lifting has a lift programme that consists of five different types of lift to offer the best solution for any given type of use. 

The different types are:

  • Domestic lifts
  • Cargo lifts
  • Car lifts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Platform lifts


Domestic lifts

A domestic lift is in many cases a Home lift.  Home, the place where you are at ease, feel secure, are surrounded by your dear ones and where you prefer to be. But in a small business or office setting a domestic lift can be an invaluable asset, for yourself, your staf or your customers. The primary reasons to install a domestic lift are:

  • Increasing the home comfort
  • A gradual or sudden loss of mobility
  • Improving access for disabled customers

In case of increasing home comfort, usually the installation of a lift was part of the original build or renovation, but when the lift is an afterthought, ELSTO Drives & Lifting can supply and install a professional lift installation as a separate project. In case of a reduced mobility the lift nearly always has to be fitted within an existing situation. Often in premises that due to their dimensions or construction not readily lend themselves for this. Another consideration may be the obligation to return the premises into their original state at some stage. For this rather specific market, ELSTO Drives & Lifting has two types of domestic lift.

The “Easyhomelift” and the “MijnLift”.

The Easyhomelift is suitable for the transport of a single person with a wheelchair and a possible second person, the MijnLift can transport a single person for which a foldable seat is fitted inside the lift. Both lifts are of the shaft less type that only requires minimal alterations to the premises while still providing a professional lift installation. Thanks to its shaft less installation the MijnLift in particular is an aesthetic multi talent, by virtue of the shaft less construction the lift cab virtually disappear in existing situation, but being a multi talent the lift can also be executed as to be a very visible design element.


Cargo lifts

As the name already suggests, these lifts are intended to move goods with lifting capacities up to 8 tonne, and lifting heights up to 7 metres. The lifts are available in cargo only versions or versions that can also transport people traveling with the goods. The lifting movement is generated by means of hydraulic cylinders that provide a very even and reliable lifting movement. Thanks to the robust construction and simple operation the lifts are very suitable for environments that are not very subtle. Warehouses, supermarkets and machine factories are typical locations where Bären cargo lifts will reliably provide their indispensable contribution to the logistic activities in the company. Also from a building preparation point of view Bären lifts do not demand a lot of attention, usually only very little building preparation is required, and installation can be quick and economic. The hydraulic system driving the lift is compact and silent, and is delivered turn-key. The only thing you have t provide is a bit of space and electrical power. The cabin dimensions can be adapted to the requirements, but also location and number of doors can be chosen, just as the number of stops and the type of controls.


Car lifts

A motor car is for many people the ideal manner of personal transport, but how do you transport your motor car to the cellar or to the first floor? For occupants of apartment buildings in inner cities this can be an everyday challenge, while outside parking is in many cases not a realistic option. Indoor parking is an increasing phenomenon that poses its own building related challenges. In view of the often very limited space and the high ground prices long entry paths are no option and it is exactly there where the TIPO 2010 car lift shines. The TIPO 2010 is the upmarket nephew of the cargo lift; here too the reliable and smooth operation by means of hydraulic cylinders and the transport of people is a standard feature. Next to the control panel, an audio communication facility is fitted to enable communication with the outside world while being in the lift. To control the traffic around the lift, a position and traffic controls system is provided that prevents dangerous situations during entry and exit of the lift cabin. Lifting capacities up to 2.5 tonne and lift heights of up to 4 metres ensure that even not so average cars and their drivers can be safely moved between floors. But not only basements, the TIPO 2010 is also very suitable for moving cars to a higher level. Up to 4 metres high cars can be transported into, for instance, a show room a situation that many car dealers and importers will recognize. Needless to say the TIPO 2010 lifts conform to all applicable European directives and are allowed to move goods and people and are tested and are fully tested and certified after installation.


Platform lifts

Steplift and Entreelift

Specially developed to be used in the public space, and their beautiful rust-free finish makes sure the will remain reliable and representative for many years to come. Steplif and Entrelift are easy-going types, accessible, simple to operate and fully at home in the public space. Thanks to their open character the invite people in wheelchairs or people with a mobility issue to use the lift, and enter buildings and facilities that would be otherwise out of reach for them. The Steplift is a hydraulically powered step with a maximum lifting height of one meter and a 250 kg lifting capacity. 250 kg and one metre does not sound like much, but it is often just enough to make the difference of participating or being closed out. The Entreelift is intended for higher capacities and lifting heights with 500 kg and 3 metres, while using the same hydraulic lifting technology. For both types the platform dimensions are 1.4 metres long and 1.1 metres wide, but if a narrow platform is required, the width can be reduced to 0.8 metres. Both the Steplift and the Entreelift are mounted directly on the floor , and a pit is not required, no awkward steps or places where itinerant litter can accumulate. The mechanics (power pack and lifting mechanism) are housed safely inside the  vandal proof frame, but are readily accessible for maintenance purposes.



In day to day use the Happylift delivers a user experience that is very close to the one provided by a regular lift system as can be found in apartment buildings and public facilities. The big difference is that the Happylift is not driven by winches and lift cables, but by the same hydraulic system that drives the Steplift and Entreelift. This makes a lift pit at the bottom and machine housing on top of the building excess to requirement, and a regular domestic power supply, instead of a three phase connection, is enough. This not only yields a substantial saving in floorspace, but also in time and money. In spite of this a lifting height of up to 10 metres and a carrying capacity of 350 kg are available. Both self-supporting lift shaft and building supported lift shaft are possible, just as automatic doors in the lift cabin and on the floors. Approved according Directive 2006/42EEG the lift can be installed throughout the EU and beyond for many years of safe and reliable usage.


Jung machine lifters and Roller carts

Moving house is for most people a strenuous experience. Objects you know that should be there can no longer be found, and objects you hoped you had lost them show up. In industrial environments moving house often means moving heavy or very heavy equipment with only limited space available or in an inaccessible location. A serious mobile crane is not an option, so the equipment must be moved by other means. In situations like these you will find Jung machine lifters and roller carts at your side. For over 40 years the Jung Company makes machine lifters and roller carts who are known for their high quality, reliability and ease of use. Ergonomics and safety are paramount during design and production of Jung equipment, and a very strict quality and testing regime guarantees that everything that leaves the factory is thoroughly tested and documented.


Machine lifters

Compact, strong and safe. Available with integrated hydraulic pump or with an external power pack. Lifting capacities up to 50 tonne each, and lifting heights of 25 cm guarantee that even the heaviest equipment can be lifted sufficiently to be placed on a suitable set of Jung roller carts.


Roller carts

The Jung roller carts and roller cart combinations with carrying capacities up to 200 tonne are suitable for the heaviest loads while still being highly manoeuvrable. The Jung programme is adapted at regular intervals responding to market input. The radio remote controlled roller cart combinations with built in electric traction are a result of market demand. Thanks to the integrated batteries a load of up to 15 tonne can be moved at 6,5 m/min for 5 hours before e recharge is required. Thanks to the extensive Jung programme, and the way its components can be combined almost any transport challenge can be provided with an answer. EBD is more than happy to assist with making the right choice. Not only for making the right choice, also for maintenance, repair and safety inspections EBD is the official factory representation for Jung  in the Netherlands since 2001. Many years of experience, the right workshop equipment and an extensive stock of spare parts enable EBD to guarantee the high quality and safety of the Jung products for a prolonged period of time.


Larzep Jacks and pumps

Hydraulic jacks are simple but indispensable pieces of equipment when moving, forming, supporting or fitting large industrial constructions. Where in the past the job had to be done with screw jacks and pieces of timber, now an extensive range of hydraulic jacks and extension pieces are available. Combining Larzep hydraulic jacks and pumps makes it possible to move enormous loads with great precision an ease both in industrial applications as with road and bridge construction. The Spanish Larzep company has been specializing in the design and production of hydraulic cylinders since 1940, and in the past 75 years realised a very broad and deep programme.  Next to jacks, pumps and the associated extension pieces, hydraulic spreaders, nut crackers, hydraulic torque wrenches and even hydraulic lifting mats are part of the programme. Lifting cylinders from 5 to 1.100 tonne with lifting heights of up to 60 cm can be supplied just as motor and hand driven pumps with volumes between 240 cc and 1000 litres with possible maximum pressures of no less than 2900 bar. But also hand and garage tools, ranging from chain and cable cutters, hydraulic wheel pullers, hydraulic torque wrenches, portable punching machines, hydraulic crimping tools to rolling garage jacks and small workshop cranes. Next to the impressive “standard” programme special solutions are possible, our engineers are happy to help.



The amount of technical equipment available on the world market today can make it quite problematic to arrive at the best solution for a given problem. The best solution is the one than enables you to do exactly what you had in mind or even a bit more, but possibly not the way you thought. The ELSTO Drives & Lifting experts have a broad experience and knowledge and can often create exactly a reliable solution that will solve your problem against the best price and in the best time available. As part of the Stokvis Group ELSTO Drives & Lifting has access to the design and production facilities and stock of one of the mayor players on the Dutch transmission market. VCA certified service technicians with well-equipped service vehicles enable efficient and result orientated operation on location, not only in an advisory role, but also for service and repair. ELSTO Drives & Lifting is a strategic partner for safe operation of your equipment against the lowest total cost of ownership. 

From advice to design, from supply to long term maintenance, ELSTO Drives & Lifting is there for you.

  • Engineering and advice
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation

For a complete overview of the ELSTO Drives & Lifting programme and services please visit the ELSTO Drives & Lifting internet site at