Water Treatment

Water treatment

Aquablu provides safe and tasty drinking water.

Girl drinks water

It is obvious that sufficient hydration is key to health and happiness. By creating true quality products, our purifiers can truly satisfy your water needs!

Still 1.7 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. In the last years, our systems have provided safe and clean drinking water at schools all over Kenia. By implementing purifiers at schools, children no longer needed to skip school in order to fetch water for their family. Other projects included the use of our system for agricultural purposes, in which South African farmers were able to produce 60% more crops compared to the years before. When you buy one of our systems, you will be helping the planet! Aquablu devotes a part of its profits towards the help of sustainable initiatives in order to create a more sustainable world! We want more refills and fewer landfills! We are frontiers in the battle against single-use plastic.

The product line consists of three standard models. All series are based on the same technology though designed to fit different quantity demands. While the Point of Use (PoU) model purifies on demand, the Point of Entry (PoE) model provides you with a specific volume at any given time. To ensure the quality of the water that is purified by our systems, all are fitted with the latest monitoring technology. 

Still indecisive about your application type? Don’t worry! We gladly guide you through the process of buying your first purifier.

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