Winches and Capstans

Winch systems and Capstans

As part of the Stokvis Group, Emcé has earned an excellent reputation over the past decades with the design and production of standard and made to measure winch systems.

Prepared Dockwise winches

Not only winches, but also capstans, cable and hose reels or combined hoisting systems have left the Emcé factory in Voorhout, and everything with a “made in Holland” quality and mentality.

About Emcé

The history of Emcé starts in the nineteen thirties in the Brabant province of the Netherlands. In 1933 a machine workshop was started in the village of Sprang-Capelle that also gave its name to new company, Eerste Machinefabriek Capelle (First machine factory Capelle). Very soon bigger premises were needed, and the company moved to the neighbouring Waalwijk. At the time Waalwijk was the centre of Dutch shoe industry, and the resulting demand for machine and construction work and the young company prospered. In later years Emcé even developed her own series of building and construction elevators, and without knowing it made her first strides into the world of lifting.

The building crisis of the nineteen eighties in combination with the preceding rapid demise of the local shoe industry brought Emcé in dire straits, and was eventually saved by the Stokvis Group. The company, together with key staff members, was transplanted to the bulb fields in Voorhout, home of the  Stokvis Group. Under the wing of the Stokvis Group the company entered a gradual growth of turnover, staff and premises in the following 35 years.  The premises now cover over 5200 square meters of workshops, offices and warehouses, which should enable further growth over the next few years.

Not only the company grew, also the dimensions and complexity of the products did. Also the markets in which Emcé operates have changed, in particular over the last 15 years.  The ever increasing call for certification and project management was answered by an ISO 9001:2008 certification, and as a result the number of staff members involved with “paperwork” such as product data sheets, project coordination, quality assurance and documentation has significantly increased since.

Doing so, Emcé is capable of offering customers at the top end of the market exactly the equipment as it is expected and demanded.

About winches and capstans

Winches and capstans have been known since the early days of civilisation, and have played an unseen but very important role in creating the world as we know it.

The construction of castles, cathedrals, mining, but also the discovery of the new world would have been much more cumbersome without winches and capstans. In today’s world winches and capstans are still very much present as the driving force behind elevators, diving cages, hoisting winches in modern telescopic cranes, or pulling winches in shunting- and shipyards and play an important role in keeping the world as we know it on the move. Just as with building cathedrals, winches are still indispensable with building todays “cathedrals” as high rise buildings, bridges, drilling rigs and wind turbines.

What can Emcé supply?

The diversity of winch and capstan types is impressive. Emcé does not claim any winch for any purpose can be supplied, but for most applications and challenges a perfect, or at least a good, solution can be provided.

The standard programme

The standard programme roughly covers the capacities from 10 kg to 100 hoisting or pulling, and should be primarily seen as a guide to configure the ideal winch for a given task. Possibly a standard winch is exactly what the customer needs, but in most cases the standard programme is just a starting point. Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, Emcé is well versed with all these motive forces, and even for hand driven winches Emcé does not stand empty handed.

Made to measure programme

About 75% of the Emcé annual production consists of made to measure solutions, which is a good indication of the flexibility and creativity available. Complex control systems, very large storage capacities, high speeds, very high safety factors, extremely lightweight or very corrosion resistant, the strangest or remarkable demands or combinations thereof have been over the years translated by Emcé into concrete products. In many instances, design and production takes place under scrutiny of bodies as DNV, ABS, LR, GL or RMRS, and working to standards as ATEX, IECex, NORSOK or MIL is a second nature for Emcé. Over the years many unique solutions were created for seemingly unsolvable problems, and in most cases they started with a simple telephone call or mail to the Emcé sales team or one of the dealers in the worldwide sales network.

Product groups


Lifting or pulling winches for forces up to 100 tonne.   Electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically driven and when specified fitted with controls suitable for the desired performance and application.


Pulling capacity up to 15 tonne, for under or above deck mounting or on shore, electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically driven and when specified fitted with controls suitable for the desired performance and application.

Cable and Hose reels

Cable and hose reels fitted with swivels or slip ring contacts suitable for ships or shore installation, driven electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically and when specified fitted with controls suitable for the desired performance and application.


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