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Clean water is a true necessity in a wide variety of branches. Whether you own a small barista, a large marine vessel or a holiday home, we definitely have the right purification solution for your application!

To ensure the quality of the water that is purified by our systems, all are fitted with the latest monitoring technology. Unlike existing purifiers on the market, Aquablu brings safety and transparency to the water industry. The customers, as well as their dealers, can at any point check the status of their system. This allows a dealer to automate its after-market service.

Due to the lack of transparency concerning drinking water quality, very little people actually know what they are drinking. As water is a key ingredient for life, we want to provide our customers with only the best drinking water available. By adding eight essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, the water becomes alkaline. Alkaline water has proven to boost immunity and helps to keep your bones healthy. With the ability to check your water quality at any given time, we allow our customers to take back control of their water quality.

The product line consists of three standard models. All series are based on the same technology though designed to fit different quantity demands. While the Point of Use (PoU) model purifies on demand, the Point of Entry (PoE) model provides you with a specific volume at any given time.

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