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Water with a clean conscience

Clean water is a true necessity in a wide variety of branches. Whether you own a small barista, a large marine vessel or a holiday home, we definitely have the right purification solution for your application!

With Aquablu filter systems it’s possible to make high-quality drinking water on location from almost any type of sweet water. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rainwater, river, source or even sewage. Systems are available with different capacities and configurations without excessive costs and the unnecessary environmental impact of bottled water.

Aquablu is active in the European market with its micro systems for installation under the sink. The public water network in (northwestern) Europe is of high quality, but there is still some concern about the (residual) presence of medicine residues, solvents and pesticides and microplastics.

Aquablu micro systems remove these last residues from the water. Naturally, incidental contamination of the water supply network with, for example, E. coli bacteria or rust particles are also neutralized.

Aquablu is active in the market for filtration systems intended for home, catering and municipal applications and filtration systems for ship and aircraft applications.

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