Sustainable solutions that make a difference

NRO Fusion was founded in 2011 with the aim to make a contribution to sustainable water supply systems. The in-house development of an innovative sweet water filtration system enabled NRO to provide a means of healthy drinking water from very diverse sources such as rivers, well’s, suspect water mains or even waste water. The filtration system not only lends itself for domestic or small business use, but large capacity units are available to produce the high volumes required in industrial and agricultural applications. In particular for areas where safe drinking water is not readily available from a mains system the NRO equipment puts an end to bottled water dependency, therewith serving both local economies and the environment. The sales and support of the filtration systesm is handeled by a worldwide dealer network that serves the domestic market with the brand name Aqua-Etiam, Aquablu, and the professional market under the NRO Fusion brand.


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