Machine building

In the present day technology sector principles as “first time right” and “just in time” are key values for the effective and cost saving subcontracting of key components, but for Veldman they are the normal way of doing business since 1974.


Verspaning travaseer-as

After a modest start with Leen Veldman Sr. as the sole employee, the company has grown into a complete service provider for the specialized machine building trade and machine maintenance. As fitting for a true family company the second generation Veldman is at the helm and the third generation is already involved in the company. Continuity, quality and reliability are the key values for many family companies, and Veldman is no exception. Thanks to a reliable network of specialist companies additional treatments such as hardening, coating or grinding can be offered for the Veldman made products.  Product engineering is also available from Veldman, which has the comforting advantage for the customers, that from ordering to delivery only one party is responsible for the product. Veldman had quality as its core value right from the start, but quality has many faces.

Quality is in the first place that the customer receives the goods he ordered on time and execution and finish of the product is fully to his expectations. To define the desired quality level Veldman already provide assistance in the design phase. Doing so enables the customer’s designers to fine tune the design for optimum production efficiency achieving the highest quality against the best price. Quality also means that as a customer you know if a problem pops up a solution will be found, one way or the other to make sure you can move forward. It makes no difference if this is over the weekend or at night, at Veldman the customer comes first, not the clock. The equipment can be as modern or extensive as you like, but without the right people nothing goes. Veldman is rightfully proud on her staff. A group of highly motivated, and involved craftsman with often many years of Veldman service, enable the company to produce at the current high quality level. The agreed deliver time is always met or even undercut, even when there is an emergency. Strong input is provided regarding the way the product is made, or product  or production time can be improved, all to the benefit of the customer.

Management and staff are firmly rooted in the no nonsense culture of the IJmond region where IJmuiden is part of.  “Agreed is agreed” is a local matter of honour, and is something customers from outside the region appreciate as well. By picking up new challenges each time Veldman has gained a wealth of experience, also with non-standard products. A good craftsman can be recognized by his tools. Veldman has a solid investment programme in place to make sure that the up to date machinery, the well-equipped measuring room, the premises and transport equipment are kept up to date and in good condition. The machinery is not only up to date, but through its diversity very suited for the economic and efficient production of both single items as smaller or bigger series. Next to keeping the equipment up to date Veldman takes great effort to keep the staff up to date too, by means of courses, and job related education. For larger and smaller series CNC machinery is available. For unique pieces or proto types conventional machining and milling is still practised with great passion. For welding and construction work welding manipulators are available to guarantee the same high level of quality as is expected form our machining work. In short, good tools may be only be half way of creating a good product, but they are an indispensable element in producing reliable and affordable quality.

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