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ELSTO Drives & Controls

ELSTO is the tradename of ELectro STOkvis, the company that stood at the basis of what is now the Stokvis Group. Armed with a few boxes of electric motors, a Fiat 600 and much enthusiasm and optimism the journey on the path of entrepreneurship was entered. Now more than forty years later, all this youthful enthusiasm has evolved into a more than respected player on the Dutch transmission market, that with the aid of some of the other Stokvis companies can sell its products on a worldwide basis.

As one of the last remaining true family owned companies in this market, continuity and long lasting relations with both customers as employees have remained a core value. ELSTO Drives & Controls has several subsidiaries in the Netherlands who, next to the extensive ELSTO programme, each have their own speciality. Be it the supply highly specialized redactors, the creation of customer specific control solutions, or offering well planned and certified MRO services for the petrochemical industry or shipping, ELSTO makes sure you can keep moving.

A large current stock, the ability to develop specific transmission solutions, and the in-house development and construction of control systems provide ELSTO with an unique position on the Dutch transmission market.

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