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Technical products and installations only achieve their optimum performance and lifetime with perfectly performed preventive and corrective maintenance. Maintenance also plays a crucial role in reducing the total cost of ownership of a machine or installation. Stolk services carries out brand-independent inspections, maintenance, repairs or overhauls on drives, electric motors, controls and technical installations at its own locations in Hoogerheide and Weert or at the customer’s location.

Stolk is also the right party for the modernization and upgrading of your existing machines and installations. Revitalizing older installations and machines is an evolving discipline in which previous investments and materials are preserved as much as possible. However, by installing smarter drives, controls, sensors and bearings, energy consumption, speed and flexibility can be brought up to a contemporary level.

Stolk is a specialist in maintenance, repair, overhaul and revitalization. Whether it concerns planned preventive maintenance, emergency repairs or a complete overhaul, Stolk is the one-stop solution for all your drive systems and components. Certified for VCA, ISO 9001 and Ex, Stolk is the ideal partner 24/7 throughout the Netherlands for maintenance and overhaul.

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