Don’t you worry

STOLK Services

“Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing”

These lines of the famous Stevie Wonder song say it all, STOLK Services takes care of all your technical maintenance, and you do not have to worry about a thing.

Technical equipment and installations only reach their optimum performance and life time with proper preventive and corrective maintenance. But also in the reduction of the total cost of ownership of a machine or installation, maintenance plays a crucial role. Stolk services carries out brand independent inspections, maintenance, repairs or overhauls of transmissions, electric motors, controls systems and technical installations. This is done in the well-equipped workshops in Hoogerheide and Weert, and on customer locations.

Stolk is specialized in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, and it shows. Be it planned preventive maintenance, emergency repairs or a complete overhaul, Stolk is the “one stop” service provider for all transmission systems and components. VCA, ISO 9001 and Ex certified, Stolk is the ideal 24/7 partner for maintenance and overhaul in the Netherlands and Belgium in particular if certified expertise is required.

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