Every winch a winner


Every winch a winner

The English-language company motto of EMCÉ already indicates that many of the company’s activities take place outside our national borders. Originating in West Brabant in the 1920s, EMCÉ became part of the Stokvis Group in 1980. At that time, the steady growth began from a local manufacturer of construction hoists to the global player in the field of series and custom-built winch systems that EMCÉ has become over the past thirty years.

EMCÉ products are present in all tasks of industry, shipping and off-shore disciplines such as dredging, power generation and oil exploration, and many spectacular tasks anywhere in the world have been successfully completed thanks to the winches produced by EMCÉ. Being able to rapidly design and produce sometimes complex customer-specific solutions is an important aspect of EMCÉ’s unique presence on both the European and global markets.

An expert and experienced sales staff, in consultation with the engineering and compliance departments, ensure solid solutions that enable the customer to realize his ambitions, on time and within budget. Progressive winch construction with a “made in Holland” mentality and quality.

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