Every winch a winner


Emcé is truly an international player, with her winches and capstans serving their owners faithfully across the globe. Started in the nineteen thirties in the Brabant province, Emcé became a part of the Stokvis Group in the nineteen eighties. This is also the moment that the steady transition from a regional producer of building lifts into a world player in the field of series and custom-built winch systems Emcé has become started,

Emcé products can be found in all branches of industry, shipping and off-shore disciplines such as dredging, wind energy or oil exploration. The world over spectacular lifting and movement tasks are successfully completed with the aid of Emcé designed and built equipment. Rapid design and production of, sometimes complex, customer specific solutions is an important aspect of Emcé’s unique presence on the European and worldmarkets.

A competent and experienced multi lingual sales staffs, in cooperation with the engineering and compliance departments, takes care of solid solutions that enable the customers to realise their ambitions, in time and within budget. Advanced winch constructions with a “made in Holland” mentality and quality.

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