The Stokvis Group is renowned player in the Dutch industrial landscape located in Voorhout, with branches in the Netherlands and the neighbouring countries. The current diversity and size is the result of a steady development, made possible by relationships, of often many decades, with customer, suppliers and employees alike.


Who we are

Since the start of the Stokvis Group more than 40 years ago with importing and selling electric motors, the company has developed into an internationally operating company with, at this moment, nine wholly owned subsidiaries. The subsidiaries all have a complementary character, and cover a wide field of competence in several fields of operation. Diverse as they may be, drives and controls in the widest sense remain the common factor. Leading ambition that enabled the growth was to provide customers with complete solutions, in which electric motors are only the start. While selling electric motors, the requests for gearboxes kept coming in, and gearboxes were added to the programme, and controls panels followed soon. Even in our early days we sold system solutions, but no one called it that at the time.

The step to making complete machines in the form winches was only a matter of time, since both transmission and control technology could be employed to create added value. With a machine company in the line-up, a strong cross pollination developed, in which the machine and drive and control disciplines stimulated each other’s growth and knowledge. With this sturdy base in Voorhout it was possible to make further complimentary acquisitions, and over the years a company trading in transmissions, an internal transport specialist, a road transport outfitter, an electric motor overhaul company and a further machine builder were added to the group. But not only by acquisition, the group also grew by developing new initiatives such as a company that developed a novel water treatment system, or a company specializing in services to the international yachting world.



The mission of the Stokvis Group is to:

  • Be a professional organization that by identifying the customer’s needs is able to improve on processes, products, and is able to open new possibilities.
  • Make progressive and sustainable technology available with a common sense price/quality level.
  • Strive for continuity with respect for man and environment as a true family owned company without neglecting commercial and technical agility.


Size and competences

Mid 2016 the Stokvis Group employed just under 300 people on 10 locations spanning 32.000 m2 of which no less than 20.000 m2 is warehouse space. A knowledgeable and dedicated team of employees can proud itself with an extensive knowledge and experience, and make sure the best solution is supplied to the customers.  Sound advice with the selection of components, adapting standard components, or the development of an ideal solution for a given purpose, the Stokvis Group will tackle the job often in conjunction with knowledge centres and suppliers. For both standard and custom solutions in many technical disciplines and services the Stokvis Group is the right choice. We gladly invite you onto this site, to visit the individual companies in the group, and hope for further acquaintance.