Transport Equipment

Transport Equipment

Professional mobility is about people and companies that are on the road (or off-road for that matter) professionally or working in the outdoors. Transport companies, recovery workers, road construction workers, but also foresters, soldiers, public grid workers or people working from a mobile workshop or service vehicle. They are all out there doing a job, and depend fully on their equipment for their safety and efficiency.

The professional mobility expert of the Stokvis Group

Rolzeilaandrijving Sporto graszoden

About Wiegel

Wiegel has its origins in the Hague, and was founded in 1926 as Auto Electrisch bedrijf N.V. Piet Wiegel. As the name already suggests, the then booming market for auto electric materials formed the operating field of the new company.

Next to the production of accumulators, dynamos and starting motors, the import/wholesale of lamps, switch gear and all other electrical necessities for the coach building and general motor trade was the prime acitivity. Wiegel always had an open eye for technical developments, and in the fifties even carburettor design and production under the ENCARWI (Eerste Nederlandse Carburateurfabriek Wiegel) name was a profitable non electric side line. The ENCARWI activities, including patents and models for a constant vacuum carburettor, were sold in the nineteen seventies to German competitor Bing.  From then on Wiegel fully concentrated on the production, import and wholesale activities of auto electrical materials again.

At the start of the nineties, Wiegel became part of the Stokvis Holding. This provided the company with fresh ideas and a new resolve. Next to the existing automotive activities, a number of exclusive import contracts for the Netherlands were won, the most notable of which was Warn, and later other premium brands as Sepson, Penny, Federal Signal, Lodar, AMRE and Movex and Blackmer were added. With the transition from the Hague to new premises in Voorhout at the end of the nineties, the import and wholesale activities of winches, compressors and equipment for the professional and off road vehicle market became more important. Also the development and assembly of systems and equipment for the professional vehicle market were further developed. With subsidiaries and partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany but also Central Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Wiegel has a worldwide presence on the vehicle, maritime and transmission markets, and is a solid and reliable partner with vision for all her customers.

Wiegel is a problem solver, who thanks to her extended experience in the professional vehicle market, the wide and deep component programme and the design and production facilities not only sells products, but above all solutions. The Wiegel organization is compact and competent, with a team of product specialists that is able to advise the right combination of components from the Wiegel programme and integration to create added value for the customer.

Over the years Wiegel has become a strategic and loyal partner for many of her business relations for both her trading and service activities, which is shown in the way the distribution partners are supported with the right products and a clear price/margin structure. Solid and active stock management make sure a substantial part of the programme can be delivered ex stock, or a clear and concrete delivery time can be stated. Next to the extensive product knowledge available in-house, short lines of communication with suppliers and manufacturers enable Wiegel to provide all products and solutions supplied with immediate and solid advice.

For many of the Wiegel customers, this is a comforting thought, in many cases their efficiency or even their lives depend the faultless operation of their equipment. Next to the wide range of options within the Wiegel organization, the extensive production, engineering and development facilities of the Stokvis Group are available, which provides a substantial depth (and width) in competences and available components without the associated overhead.

Wiegel combines the attention of a specialist with the power of a large company.


The Wiegel programme

The Wiegel programme has six main groups, who each serve an aspect of professional mobility. Connecting factor between the individual groups is the experienced sales office that in close contact with customers, suppliers and the in-house workshop and engineering department, can provide a fitting answer for almost any question.


Winches can be used for many purposes, cranes, stuck 4 x4’s, lifts, pulling a fishing boat on a trailer or tightening the main sheet on a sailing boat. To make sure that the right winch can be offered for any of these applications, Wiegel is representing six reputable brands in the Netherlands. Warn , Sepson, Witech, Lodar and Marlow. The programme ranges from hoisting and pulling winches to radio remote controllers, wire ropes and mounting kits. Which winch is most suited for your application? we are happy to share our expertise.

Illumination systems

Light and dark are relative values.  To make sure you can do your job safely and efficiently, good illumination is indispensable. Wiegel is the Stokvis Group expert in this field. As the importer for Federal Signal equipment they have the right illumination solution available for any situation, be it light bars, flashing lights, sirens, searchlights or floodlights.  Also for advice on the right type of lamp or fitting, Wiegel knows how and why.

Mobile energy

Having electrical power available on a permanent basis is taken for granted, but nothing is more beside the truth. In our present day society electrical power is omnipresent. Only think of fresh coffee in the site office, work lights to provide a safe working place, or the power for angle grinders or compressors. Only when the supply fails we are immediately aware of how electrical power controls our lives. For situations where a electrical power is a pre-requisite, Wiegel has an extensive range of inverters, chargers, combi units, generators and a comprehensive range of batteries.

Camera systems

Having a clear view is in many cases essential to carry out daily tasks efficiently and safely, in particular if these are a bit out of the ordinary. Camera systems can provide a solution, in particular for HGV drivers that have to guide their vehicles through today’s dense traffic or busy industrial areas. Orlaco vision systems are represented by Wiegel with a complete and diverse programme that caters for the needs of coach builders, auto electric specialists, lease companies and larger end users. Vision systems are an investment that will pay off.

Loading and unloading systems

Doing more with less people? It seems almost the motto of the road transport sector. Just working harder is not the way forward, working smarter is. To enable smarter working Wiegel has a programme of clever equipment that can be fit on or in the vehicle.  Fitting the right equipment will make it possible to do more work with fewer people in less time without compromising safety. The programme ranges from compact vehicle mounted cranes and loading platforms to roll up tarpaulin drives, the possibilities are endless.

Transport and Bulk systems

Wiegel is the representative of Mouvex –Blackmer products in the Netherlands and Germany. The Mouvex-Blackmer oil free compressors are an industry standard for the movement of dry bulk goods and liquids. Two dedicated workshops are available for the installation and maintenance of the systems, and an experienced sales team makes sure the right system for your application is selected. Next to vehicle specific fitting kits, fully custom made systems are available to make sure even the most demanding application can be fitted with a reliable and efficient bulk transfer system.


WIEGELLED is the Wiegel specialist division for LED vehicle and work area illumination. LED elements are the de facto industry standard for illumination systems, and the very large number of brands and manufacturers makes it almost a specialist task to pick the right system for the right price. WIEGELLED has excellent contacts in the Far East in the very heart of mass LED production. The WIEGELLED programme concentrates on the high end segment of the market but only at the best price available.

Let us illuminate you!


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