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ELSTO Drives & Controls is a specialized creator and supplier of mechanical drives and the associated control systems. Over the years ELSTO evolved from a traditional importer/supplier of mechanical drives to a total solution provider in the field of transmission and control technology.

Elsto Drives & Controls is a specialized creator and supplier of mechanical drives and the associated control systems. Over the years ELSTO evolved from a traditional importer/supplier of mechanical drives to a total solution provider in the field of transmission and control technology.

Productiestraat voedsel verwerkende industrie

With has five subsidiaries across the Netherlands. The geographical and commercial center of the activities is the ELSTO head office in Voorhout. Next to the sales of the extensive programme standard components, the main activity here is the development, design and manufacturing and testing of customer specific drives and controls. The ELSTO organization consists next to ELSTO Drives & Controls of ELSTO Drives & Controls, Stolk Transmission services and ELSTO services. Stolk transmission services operates from Hoogerheide and services the Rijnmond, Moerdijk and Antwerp region , and ELSTO services from Weert in the Limburg province covers the southern part of the country. All have their own specialization, and share many years of dedicated experience between them.


Advise and Engineering

A substantial part of the ELSTO success can be explained by the creative and inventive manner in which the sales staff provides solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems, quite often in a cost effective-, but always in a responsible manner. ELSTO has its own engineering department that has grown in size and capabilities in line with the number of customer specific products. The department does not only respond to customer requests, but also develops products that will fill future market needs and applications. Next to engineers, other product specialists are available to assist or to act as consultant or project leader on larger projects or more complex smaller ones, to ensure a successful and well timed conclusion of the project. A good knowledge of the product range and the available capabilities and facilities within the Stokvis Group  enables the engineering department to provide a suitable and responsible solution for almost any problem, during which delivery time and cost are not ignored.



Drive specializes in mechanical transmissions in the widest sense of the word.  Basis is the very extensive programme of Bonfiglioli Ridutori that stretches from very small worm gear reductors to very large planetary gearboxes, and everything in between. Besides this a very wide and deep programme of drive components as motors, couplings, linear drives from renown manufacturers as AEG Lafert, Pfaff Silberblau, Desch, Euromotori or Tecnoingrannagi is available. A knowledgeable, and experienced, sales staff translates the customer requirement into an optimal solution that often can be realized with standard components thanks to the deep and wide ELSTO programme and stock position. Nearly 20.000 m2 of warehouse space ensures that the majority of the 150.000 items in the ELSTO programme can be supplied ex stock, and where required, can be adapted to customer requirements such as differing voltages, fitting an encoder or a special type of surface protection. In all cases an optimal and efficient solution is the aim, efficient regarding cost, ease of use and energy consumption. Core values are reliable delivery and affordable quality.



The core competences of ELSTO controls are the development, design and production of starter panels and control systems. Customer satisfaction is the primary target, which is to be achieved in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. As wide and deep programme of premium components forms the basis for the activities at controls. Frequency inverters by Bonfiglioli Vectron play an important role, but primarily it is the knowledge, skill and ingenuity of the Controls staff that makes the difference. By often thinking just a bit outside the box, the most creative and cost effective solutions develop, and this capability prompted a number of Dutch manufacturing industries to entrust the development and production of their electro mechanical subassemblies to ELSTO Controls. ELSTO Controls is at home in many theatres, and successfully so, from milking robots to deep sea winches with heave compensation, but also for a relatively simple pump drive control ELSTO Controls id the partner of choice. The ELSTO engineers deliver ready to fit reliable solutions that are tested in-house to make sure the calculated values provide the desired performance in actual use.



When even with the very wide and deep ELSTO programme it is not possible to offer suitable standard solution, is not available you find ELSTO at its best! Be it a unique piece or actual series production of a customer specific design, ELSTO has the experience, the knowledge and the facilities to produce seamlessly fitting solutions called “specials”. Production facilities with the latest conventional and CNC equipment are an integral part of the Stokvis organization, and enable ELSTO Drives & Controls to produce, almost without volume and complexity restrictions,  the desired components and solutions. Over time specials have become an important activity for ELSTO Drives & Controls, and now more than half the ELSTO staff is involved in one way or the other with producing customer specific solutions. Nearly all work is handled within the Stokvis organization, which forms together with the experienced and knowledgeable staff the basis for the strictly maintained high quality and the short delivery times.



The services of ELSTO go much further than just supplying new products. Products only reach their optimum performance and life time with proper maintenance. ELSTO can perform Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul in the ELSTO service centres, but also at the customers location, on all types of drives, electric motors and controls. Where required, such as in large scale production plants, a total Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) system can be put in place, but also for emergency repairs when “something” breaks we can assist. Preventive maintenance is one of the options to reduce the chance that something fails. Thermo analysis, vibration measurements and lubricant analysis are employed to prevent unplanned production standstills. If an unplanned production standstill occurs ELSTO is able to respond quickly thanks to the 24/7 breakdown service and a large in-company stock, and where required a consignation stock, will help to reduce the stand still to an absolute minimum. But also for the ATEX certified rewinding and overhaul of electric motors or the dynamic balancing of rotors up to 3,5 tonne, with  ELSTO services you do not have to worry about a thing!

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