Verhoef EMC

Verhoef EMC

Electrotechnical specialist Verhoef EMC caters for the maritime, utility and industrial markets. Core competences are electrical system integration and drive systems. A wealth of knowledge is available regarding hybrid drive systems, electrotechnical installations and services. Verhoef EMC also designs, produces, installs and renovates maritime and industrial electrical installations.


Core activity is the design and installation of electrical systems for maritime applications. The extensive knowledge and experience in this field covers vessels as diverse as hopper barges, dredging vessels, tugs, service vessels, pontons, working barges and supply vessels. Next to electrical installations, Verhoef EMC specializes in (hybrid) propulsion systems, for which it provides design, production  and installation of both the mechanical and the drive and control side for these systems.

Utility and industry

Verhoef EMC provides worry free electrical installations for housing corporations, private institutions, workshops and office and commercial properties. The activities concern installation, renovation or replacement of distribution panels, vehicle charging poles, wall sockets, fire warning-, camera and alarm systems. But Verhoef EMC also supplies and installs emergency power supply- and illumination systems or data networks.

Service orientated

Experienced and professionally trained staff installs, tests and commissions electrical systems on site, while . service teams are available for worldwide service, maintenance, renovation and repair work. Verhoef EMC technicians will solve errors or malfunctions in your system, and perform inspections to ensure the enduring quality and performance of your installation.

Large spare parts stock

Spare parts and other electro technical materials are kept in stock in plentiful quantity to ensure short response times for spare part requests. When not available from the Verhoef EMC stock a reliable network of suppliers is available to ensure a rapid delivery.

Quality since 1954

Verhoef has started as “Verhoef Elektrotechniek”, and was always located in Sliedrecht. The Sliedrecht area always has been a hotspot for shipbuilding, ships maintenance and of course anything to do with dredging. Until the merger with EMC (Europe Machine Controls) in 2017 Verhoef was primarily involved with panel building, installation work and engineering. EMC was active in south east Asia with project management, engineering, drive systems and commissioning for the offshore industry. Now focused on the maritime, utility and industrial markets Verhoef EMC provides a “one stop shopping” service for these industries.


With ELSTO Drives & Controls, STOLK Services, EMCÉ Winches, ADS van STIGT and now Verhoef EMC the Stokvis Group has created a strong presence in the industry, shipping and offshore markets. Be it consultancy, new builds or MRO, all activities are complimentary to one and other. With Verhoef EMC the Stokvis Group can provide an even broader group of customers with drive, electrical and control systems and a service to match.

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